What Do I Wear For My Interview?

Hey everyone! So… you’ve got that interview coming up. You’ve researched the company, prepared answers for tricky questions… but what on earth do you wear?

Unlike you may believe, not every interviewer will be expecting you to turn up in a three-piece suit, I assure you. Today I’ll be discussing tips, tricks and ideas of how your interviewer may want you to dress to impress them. Let’s get into it!


The Basics

Whether you’re going for a job as a mechanic, a teacher or a marketing assistant, there are a few basic tips I’m going to give you which should be abided by for an interview of any kind. They might sound obvious, but sometimes, they’re not…

  • Shower - hygiene is important at an interview - you need to show the interviewer you’re up, ready and enthusiastic for the day, not still in last night’s pyjamas with unwashed hair. Brutal, but honest.

  • Wear something presentable - We’ll go into clothing down below, but just remember to look presentable whatever you do wear. Turning up in a super creased shirt or a dress covered in stains won’t look too great!

  • Grooming - Something as simple as washing your face (and your clothes), brushing your hair or having a shave can make a world of difference and perk you up.

It’s also worth remembering that some workplaces will want you to wear a specific colour to an interview (especially if you’re doing a trial shift/day) as they’ll want you to blend in with their employees. I’ve been to many interviews where I’ve been asked to wear all-black. It’s best to check this first!


Where’s The Interview?

Depending on where your job interview is, you may be expected to dress in different ways. No matter where you are, though - make sure you’ve ticked all the above boxes first!



If you’re going for an office based job, it’s best to dress very smartly. You may find that if you’re successful in gaining the job, you may not need to dress as smartly as you expected, but the interview is your time to impress. Boys: a full suit isn’t always necessary, but a smart shirt and tie will do the trick. Girls - a suit, dress or nice skirt will look great. No pressure!


Retail or Hospitality

If you’re planning to work in retail, or maybe a cafe/restaurant, it’s best to keep things simple to blend in with the other employees.



If you’re going for a job in the manual trades, keep it simple with casual clothing (that’s not to say you should turn up in your trackies!) If you’re going to be getting your hands dirty, it seems silly to wear a smart outfit, doesn’t it?



Brand Image

Considering the type of ‘brand image’ your employer has is vital. Brands often differ widely from each other and it’s important you understand the brand’s image before you interview there. There are usually many variations between different employers ethics and personalities and values.

Let’s take a look at Red Bull vs. John Lewis. For example, Red Bull are well known for their extreme sports and ‘daredevil’ image so working some individuality into your outfit for the day will be appropriate. On the other hand, a company like John Lewis pride themselves on being smart, clean and simple so dressing with this in mind will enable you to make a great first impression.

If you’ve got an interview coming up and you’re unsure about what the companies brand image is like, feel free to contact us. We’re happy to help you work this all out!

Dayna SpearComment