How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

Dominic Shaw


My interview


Through this unit you dived into the stressful world of interviewing, and learned how to prepare and deliver a great presentation. We explored preparation, making a great first impression and delivering a killer presentation. You were interviewed by one of our experts and gained invaluable feedback that will help you leap forwards. Great job, it's never easy being interviewed!  👏🏼


Module overview


Module 1 | My prep

What was awesome 👏🏼

Your thorough commitment to every aspect of your preparation is definiately one of your biggest strenghts. You stayed on longer to make sure your preparations were completed and ran through a presentation with is. You are amazing at this!

What would of made it even more awesome 🚀

Nothing that I can see. Great job!


Module 2 | My practice run

What was awesome 👏🏼

The distance you travelled from the moment you walked into the the first few prep sessions, we've noticed a huge change in the professionalism of your delivery. You're working to control your inner Deku (?) and are increasing in confidence. 

A fuller review of your strengths and areas for development can be seen here.

What would of made it even more awesome 🚀

Your presentation was great, but being on time is a basic that you need to get right in the real situation. I know you've learnt from this and that you achieved improvement in your interview with Cloud9.



Your Skills


Through this module you have been building your skills through all of the learning activities you have undertaken. So let's see where you are at.


Self Confidence


Personal Motivation


Self Awareness


Written Communication


Verbal Communication


Research & Analysis





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Problem Solving

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Summative Feedback


Great progress has been achieved throughout this unit. You work hard to analyse every aspect of the opportunity and prepare in a thorough and professional manner. This has been behind your improvement in performance throughout your time with Future and we're hugely impressed with your commitment.

Some developmental points relate to your self-awareness. Calming yourself is something you've improved on, but there's still room to improve, for example Charles comments "a little intense and rushes his points and answers to questions a little but overall he seems very motivated and well prepared."

I think this is a great point to focus on moving forwards. 

Well done Dom, we're hugely proud of all you are achieving.