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Further My Future is a service that seamlessly connects high-potential, high-quality young talent with employers seeking the perfect skills, aptitude and values match in their apprentice hires. We create better employment opportunities for young people, find and nurture better talent for employers.

We work with bold, innovative and forward-thinking employers currently considering the skills of their future workforce. We’ve heard too often that traditional methods of attracting, retaining and developing talent aren’t serving the needs of employers, so we’ve designed something better.

We know, from first-hand experience, what it’s like to receive high quantities of low quality applications, to place trust in expensive recruitment agencies that deal with candidate fit in terms of capability, but not in terms of culture. We know the cost of recruitment and training when we get it right as well as the greater cost of getting it wrong. We know we can do better.


I'm a forward-thinking employer, what can you do for me?


We specialise in recruiting diverse, emerging talent and creating opportunities that cultivate their development over the long term.  Our model is different, not only in the way it sources talent and perfectly matches it to employers, but also the way it develops candidates’ job readiness. We ensure that your recruitment is effective in terms of cost, long-term engagement and cultural fit.

We’re working with a number of bold employers who want to move the conversation about lack of talent and skills beyond a conversation, if you’d like to join them and find out how Further My Future can further your business then we’d love to hear from you.



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