How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

Evie Woodman


My interview


Through this unit you dived into the stressful world of interviewing, and learned how to prepare and deliver a great presentation. We explored preparation, making a great first impression and delivering a killer presentation. You were interviewed by one of our experts and gained invaluable feedback that will help you leap forwards. Great job, it's never easy being interviewed!  👏🏼


Module overview


Module 1 | My prep

What was awesome 👏🏼

You set yourself up to prepare thoroughly, taking yourself off to find a space. Your preparation was taken seriously and you fully applied yourself as if it was the real thing. 

Staying on longer to finish the presentation was really impressive, and you took the feedback from me when I ran through the structure with you. 

What would of made it even more awesome 🚀

I can't see much that would have improved this. Good job.


Module 2 | My practice run

What was awesome 👏🏼

Your performance at interview really impressed Charles. All the hard work preparing for the experience paid off as you completely smashed it. You can view some development points from Charles here. Overall his comment that you were "Very composed, engaging and presentable" was great to see.

What would of made it even more awesome 🚀

Well, ahem...being on time Evie. This would have sunk your hard work at a real interview. Make sure you're journey is planned out and get there early. 



Your Skills


Through this module you have been building your skills through all of the learning activities you have undertaken. So let's see where you are at.


Self Confidence


Personal Motivation


Self Awareness


Written Communication


Verbal Communication


Research & Analysis





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Problem Solving

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Summative Feedback


You delivered a really strong performance throughout this unit Evie, well done. You worked with a committed and mature manner to create a great response to the brief. 

Charles was hugely impressed by you, which is hard to achieve. You've got bags of talent built on hard work and application to the task. Be proud of yourself Evie... we are!

Well done