How can you choose to be something you've never heard of

Kate McCourt


Your Role


Through this unit you explored the role you are targeting, and improved your understanding of it. You explored the skills you’ll need to impress prospective employers and where your future career path is likely to take you. Alongside this, you gained insight into the industry and got the opportunity to speak to an expert in the field - 👏🏼 you did a lot.


Module Overview


Module 1 | My Role, My Skills

What was awesome 👏🏼

Completed the skills check realistically and quickly. Well done. You then converted these into clear strengths and weaknesses aligned to yourself and the role, outlining opportunities to address this. A plan was developed off the back of this

What would of made it even more awesome 🚀

Planning how the weaknesses would be addressed would have been improved by more tangible actions that would increase awareness of the role. Plan developed has no defined time by which targets would be achieved, and they are a little limited in their content.


Module 2 | My Future Self

What was awesome 👏🏼

You reviewed and researched information and were able to answer all questions on the survey effectively.

What would of made it even more awesome 🚀

If I was to improve anything, I think your final statement requires a clearer and more confident statement about where your career path is heading - is it into a position of leadership or into an area of greater technical expertise. I think your statement is close to being good enough to send to an employer, but would need a greater focus to present well to be sent across and sell you effectively.


Improvement on this module could also be improved by researching the types of qualifications you feel could make the difference in the role, or what qualifications you might study on the apprenticeship. Did Reuben talk about this? Would you like some help to work this out - let me know.


Module 3 | My Chosen Industry

What was awesome 👏🏼

Amazing job crafting the email to Reuben. I was really pleased with the content and tone of the email and it took very little guidance from me to create. Also, I’m really pleased that you pushed on and had a go at talking to Reuben. This took courage. Well done Kate. You came across clearly and professionally. You completed the call in timely fashion and your learning from the call was well reviewed

Reuben’s thoughts were very high in relation to you. He scored you high and thought you were “Keen. Honest. Organised”.

What would of made it even more awesome 🚀

Reuben felt your industry/role awareness needed to improve - so we need to look at how this can be developed. Also, think he felt that you were nervous on the call - this isn’t anything to grade you on Kate, I know you’re nervous - I just want to mention it. Reuben’s words:

“Don't be nervous, employers want you to do well so believe in yourself. Tell them why you're special and why you're extra keen to work with them specifically.”



Your Skills


Through this module you have been building your skills through all of the learning activities you have undertaken. So let's see where you are at.


Self Confidence


Personal Motivation

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Self Awareness


Written Communication


Verbal Communication


Research & Analysis







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Problem Solving



Summative Feedback


Kate well done for gaining a grade of distinction in this unit. Your keenness will pay off believe me. I’m really impressed that in spite of your nervousness you still push on - your confidence will grow as we move forwards for sure.

In terms of areas to think about as we move forwards. Firstly, we need to increase your knowledge of the sector - I’d like to talk with Reuben about this and come back to you.

Nice job Kate. You smashed this. Well done. Rich