Interviewing My Expert | Introduce Yourself


Now it’s time to introduce yourself to your expert. You won’t be judged by your expert - they’re here to help you - but it 100% an opportunity to practice introducing yourself effectively to others, so let’s pull together a great email that introduces you.


Craft an email to your expert. It should include the following:


  • What you’re doing now, what you hope to do - e.g. college studies, apprenticeship you’d like

  • What skills and knowledge you have developed that relate to the apprenticeship you’re seeking

  • What areas you’re looking to increase your knowledge and skills in

  • Key questions you’d like answered - these should relate to their work, the company or the career path they have followed

  • Dates that you can speak - be accommodating and remember, not everyone works on a Friday night!


Overall be keen, polite and thankful of the opportunity…this will pay off in the long run...oh, and don’t forget to mention that you’re going to send them a link to a google Hangouts that you will speak to them through.


Once you have your first draft ready, send it to your coach to get feedback prior to sending to your expert.