Every young person should have a real chance to further their future

Regardless of background or abilities, every young person should be fuelled with ambition and able to channel it towards a rewarding career. 

Further My Future is the mapmaker for those young people who want to consider an apprenticeship pathway, one that’s signposted and tailored specifically to them. In doing so, we make it easier for young people to chart their best possible route to success and give them the means to present the best version of themselves to future employers.

We champion excellence in:

  • The clarity of information and accuracy of advice about apprenticeships

  • The quality and quantity of apprenticeship candidates

  • The quality and quantity of apprenticeship employment opportunities

  • The quality of training provision

  • The apprenticeship brand

Promoting potential, opportunity and talent

Further My Future is built on the founding principle that the education system places too great an emphasis on academic achievement. There is no one-size-fits-all approach to realising a young person’s potential. At Further My Future, we do what we do simply because we believe that:

  • There is a well-trodden path for those applying for university, but no equivalent path for those interested in apprenticeships

  • For young people, self awareness and accurate understanding about the range of options open to them is essential to making the right choices about their future career

  • Young people need more impartial guidance, support and direction once they leave the education system and before they start a career

  • Employers look for, and young people need, skills in self-awareness, professionalism, communication and confidence building before entering employment

  • Failure to get the right young people into the right apprenticeship opportunity is a waste of talent, reduces productivity and can leave young people feeling unmotivated and undervalued

  • Apprenticeships should be valued and respected by young people, parents, employers and all of society