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Hi, I'm Dulcie and my Daddy works here at Further My Future. During a visit to the office, he asked me to create this "Meet The Team" page so you can all get to know the people behind the business. I interviewed each member and drew a portrait of them. So, let's meet the team...



Becca is Head of Client Experience which essentially means she looks after our clients and ensures they are aware of our brilliant candidates. She is very passionate about Portsmouth (and hosts a local radio show), loves camping, being outdoors and especially loves a sea swim. She learnt about Future through her previous company, The Girls Network. Becca thinks the best thing about apprenticeships is that they give young people a really brilliant opportunity and access to great roles and training. In the future she thinks we will be a national programme that not only provides brilliant ops for YP and employers but also a voice in changing how apprenticeship are viewed.

 Caro - Founder of Further My Future


Caro co-founded Further My Future with Charles and she runs the company. Her hobbies are reading, travelling, climbing mountains and always thinking about what she can do next at Future. She and Charles came up with the whole idea of the company and she is really interested in apprenticeships because she thinks it allows young people looking for a job they may have never heard of before! Caro believes that Further My Future can definitely go far because she has an amazing team!

 Charles - Director at Further My Future


Charles is co-founder and a director at Further My Future. His hobbies are cooking and reading. He thinks that apprenticeships offer potential to young workers. In the future Charles believes it will be even brighter and better than when Future only just started.

 Dayna - Marketing Apprentice at Further My Future


Dayna is the Marketing Apprentice and takes care of the social media and blog content. She began working for Future for summer work experience and then got the role of apprentice at the end. Dayna loves blogging (she also has a personal blog), travelling and baking. She is Future's cringe-o-meter and loves sharing pictures of the fun they all get up to at Further My Future - including eating lots of pizza!

 Kirsty - Porduct & Service Designer at Further My Future


Kirsty designs the services & processes for Further My Future. She loves to eat & drink nice things, cycle and watch football. Kirsty got the job after being recommended for it and she loves looking for ways to make the user experiences better. She believes that apprenticeships offer great potential to both young people looking for a job and employers looking to fill jobs. In the future Kirsty thinks the team will be smashing it and rolling Further My Future out across the UK!

 Rich - Candidate Learning Designer at Further My Future


Rich works with young people to help them find apprenticeships and jobs that they are interested in. He enjoys playing tennis, going out on his bike and camping with his family. Rich teamed up with Future when he heard about them and found it really interesting. He does this job because at school he didn't really know what he wanted to do and he says he finds giving others the chance to find a career they love really amazing. He believes Future will go further!


Think you have what it takes to join this fun, passionate, crazy, pizza-loving team? Get in touch - let's change the world together!