Launching the Future 🚀

Here you will find our main business objectives for the next 6 months. What we want to prove/disprove and what each areas objectives and key results are. Essentially the below is how we want to and will prove the value the business can have.


Six months ahead: by September 2018 we will prove/disprove:

  1. We can both directly and indirectly attract candidates (all personas) to sign up NOT face to face

  2. We have determined the marketing funnel targets and drop off:

  3. We can directly attract employer sign-up

  4. We can create apprenticeship vacancies

  5. We can automate the matching process of candidate to employer opportunity

  6. We can sell a match to a TP (or other identified customer) therefore proving commercial demand

  7. We can accurately qualify and retain signed up candidates and improve their quality

  8. We can keep candidates warm between FRP & employment (low drop off)

  9. Prove our candidate job ready investment is valued by employers and TP’s

  10. We can scale the service

  11. The business infrastructure should not be depending on any one person



Business OKR's for Q2


Commercial & Strategy

Sales & Marketing

Product & Service