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Further My Future is a service for young people, employers and apprenticeship training providers.

We create better employment opportunities for young people, find and nurture better talent for employers and connect both with the best training providers. Founded by Caroline Walmsley and Charles Gould with the sole intention to raise the bar for bright talent, bold employers and brilliant training providers.

We’ve heard too often that in the creative and digital industries, traditional methods of attracting, retaining and developing talent aren’t serving the needs of employers. We’ve listened to the big debates and heard employers, educators and local authorities agree that talent pipelines and skills gaps present a problem, but fail to each agree consensus on where the solution lies.

We know, from first-hand experience, what it’s like to receive high quantities of low quality applications, to place trust in expensive recruitment agencies that deal with candidate fit in terms of capability, but not in terms of culture. We know the cost of recruitment and training when we get it right as well as the greater cost of getting it wrong. We know we can do better.

Further my Future has designed an innovative and elegant solution that offers employers an alternative means of sourcing, retaining and cultivating emerging talent.


Our solution is designed specifically to:

  • Help employers tap into the potential of the 50% of 18-21 year-olds who choose not to go to university
  • Close the professional skills gap by providing young people with better workplace skills training
  • Improve diversity in recruitment
  • Create a longer-term strategic recruitment model for employers
  • Challenge preconceived ideas about youth and apprenticeship employments
  • Promote social mobility and create career opportunities for young people
  • Offer free, impartial career guidance, support and direction to young people once they leave the education system (and before they start a career)
  • Create long-term engagement, commitment and career paths for junior employees


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