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Team Future


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What is Team Future?

Team Future is a group of young people who will act as advisors to the core team here at Further My Future. It’s all about making sure the voice and opinions of young people are the focus of everything we do.


We want to support young people like you, but we don’t know anymore what it’s like to be young in today’s world. So… tell us! The good, the bad… all of it. We’ll be holding monthly chat sessions to grab your feedback and ideas.


So, why should you join Team Future? Well, apart from  the FOOD we’ll provide at these monthly meetings, it’s also a chance to have your say and meet new people while getting an insight into the building of a new company. All good experience!


What’s the catch? Well, we ask you to agree to  a 12-month stint and contribute to a minimum of six sessions over that period. We’ll also sometimes ask you to give feedback by email, text or on social media. In return, you’ll be getting extra support and mentoring to help you find your perfect career, as well as great experience  you can add to your CV. You don’t need any special skills to join... just an interest in having your say.


Sound good? Great! If you want to see the things you’d be getting involved with, read below.



So, what will I be doing?

You’ll work on a range of stuff, like


Participating in youth research projects


Highlighting new opportunities and trends among young people


Acting as an advocate for Further My Future


Creating content or promotional material for the brand


Advising on design and campaign ideas

Giving your opinions around leaving school, apprenticeships and careers



What format will Team Future take?


Group sessions:

These will often be sessions as a whole group, but we’ll occasionally split you into smaller groups to discuss different things. These sessions will be held at our offices in Hove and we’ll always give you plenty of notice to be able to attend.


We’ll also occasionally ask you to come in for 1:1 product testing sessions to get your feedback.


Digital feedback:

We’ll sometimes ask you to give your feedback via email or on social media, or might ask you to participate in group discussions via video chat.



The Details....


  • It’s free!

  • Open to 15-24 year olds

  • Takes roughly  2- 4 hours of your time per month

  • Looks fab on your CV

  • Gives you a chance to influence a growing startup business

  • Develops your teamwork and communication skills

  • An opportunity to meet new people

  • We cover all your food and travel expenses



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